Color Grading Breakdown Series – Shot 11

color grading breakdown series shot 11

This week, shot 11 of the Color Grading Breakdown Series brings us to the desert in Benjamin Lussier‘s latest (and very cool) music video Knock You From Yr Mountain from Elephant Stone.

Color Grading Breakdown

I picked this shot because compared to the other exterior shots, it looked like the sun was setting. I wanted to remove the pinkish look and give it some power.

Step 01
I know that I’m not going for a high contrast look. Let’s start with a gentle contrast curve.

Step 02
Next step is balancing the colors. I removed some magenta to get a greenish/cyan look..

Step 03
I created a matte with the luminosity of the sky and graded the foreground (exterior of the matte). I contrasted the midtones to get some clarity in the shot.

Step 04
I restored some details in the sky and added a bit of blue/cyan.

Step 05
I keyed the sand and brought up some warmth in it.

– – –

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I’ve also created a brand new Vimeo Channel strictly for the CGBS, subscribe here.

Music: July Talk – The Garden


Charles-Etienne Pascal is a freelance digital colorist working in Montreal, Canada. His line of work mainly consist of advertising, but he also very much enjoys grading music videos, short films and documentaries. Chuck likes photography, motorcycles, travelling, bouldering, guitar and of course color grading.
  1. Mitch Reply

    Loving these.

    keep them up!

  2. Sveta Reply

    Hi, Charles! Thanks a lot for your great and very interesting posts and breakdowns! I have a question – do you use any LUT in your grading? Is it necessary to use LUTS? Thanks!

    • iseehue Reply

      Hey Sveta! Thanks for your interest. I don’t use LUTs because the post facility where I work use Lustre and I have to admit that it’s pretty disappointing to use them in this software. I think it’s a great starting point, but if you use popular ones and don’t change them that much, your grade won’t stand out.

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