Color Grading Breakdown Series – Shot 03

color grading breakdown

It’s Friday and it’s time for a fresh new Colo Grading Breakdown!

Check out these 2 mean cops :

Color Grading Breakdown

Sometimes a simple two shot might seem simple to grade, but when you add up all the small details it can get quite elaborate. Grading done in Autodesk Lustre @ SHED Montreal.

Step 01

A simple S Curve to boost the contrast and a Saturation Curve to bring back some colors.

Step 02

Primary grading to get a bluish tone by removing yellow and red in the shadows, midtones and highlights.

Step 03

Remove red and yellow saturation.

Step 04

Vignettes to darken the background, the edges of the frame and the talent in the foreground.

Step 05

Subtle skin tone adjustment to tone down the highlights.

Step 06

Isolate de blue shirts to increase their saturation and blue tint.

– – –

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Watch the full commercial here.


Charles-Etienne Pascal is a freelance digital colorist working in Montreal, Canada. His line of work mainly consist of advertising, but he also very much enjoys grading music videos, short films and documentaries. Chuck likes photography, motorcycles, travelling, bouldering, guitar and of course color grading.

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