Color Grading Breakdown: Danser

I promised you guys a color grading breakdown video for the latest short films I graded and it’s finally ready! The ratio was pretty wide and for the purpose of this breakdown I took the liberty to zoom in a little bit so that the changes were more visible in the end. The music, written by Peter Venne,  is taken directly from the Paris film. I’m very happy with the different looks and hope this breakdown video gives you an idea or two for your own projects. Enjoy!

Color Grading Breakdown:


color grading screenshots


Director: Élisabeth Desbiens
Director of Photography: Steeve Desrosiers
Editor: Jean-Pierre Demers
Color Grading: Charles-Étienne Pascal
Music: Peter Venne (Paris) Jean-Olivier Bégin (MTL)
Art Director: Camille Boileau

Graded @ SHED on Autodesk Lustre

Charles-Etienne Pascal is a digital colorist working @ SHED in Montreal. His line of work mainly consist of advertising, but he also very much enjoys grading music videos, short films and documentaries. Chuck likes photography, writing screenplays, tv shows, travelling, metal music and of course color grading.

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