Charles-Etienne Pascal // iseehue

Hi there!

My name is Charles-Etienne Pascal, or simply Charles or Chuck for an easier English pronunciation. I am a freelance digital colorist based in Montreal, Canada. I also enjoy taking pictures.

I decided to start this blog to share my experience with other colorists and digital artists out there who want to learn more about grading. Although most of the blog posts are about color grading, I also write about photography, filmmaking, inspiration and my own projects.

My goal is not to tell you which button to press and which software to use. I think there are many great tutorials and websites out there for that. I rather want to write about the creative side of color grading. How to approach and analyse an image? Why color grade an image? What are we trying to achieve by doing it? I will also write about real world situations. Color grading your short film in your living room is a great learning and fun experience, but working with creative directors, cinematographers and directors on a tight schedule is something completely different.

I hope you guys will find it useful and entertaining. Please don’t hesitate to write comments. I love constructive feed back! If you have any request for future blog posts, drop me a line or two at cep@iseehue.com